3D portfolio

I made all of these items with mostly Blender 3D and GIMP.

I also do photoscanning work with an example piece at the bottom
(site: www.JFPhotoscans.com )

This is an asset I made and submitted to the Wasteland 2 crowd sourcing asset call, shown here in Unity 3D. The concept was an old 60s/70s style computer in an alternate modern day reality. This model game be seen in the final game

This is a 3D illustration I did with robotics theme, I tried to make it look realistic in how it might function as a robot. I created and designed everything except for the skull/explosives decals

I made this to play around with glass shaders and create a banner

These are some high resolution objects I’ve modeled in the past with the exception of the spaceship model which was created for a friends university project

This is an old project I began as a practice piece for game engine usage

This is a pre-rendered scene project I did to create an image I had in mind of a precariously placed home

This is a photoscanned game object I created as part of a pack for the Unreal Engine marketplace as seen in the ‘Unreal Kite Demo’ map